From Kahook's Essentials Of Glaucoma Therapy

A directory of videos

Surgical Videos

  • Ahmed ClearPath 250 Implantation

    Dr. Leonard Seibold performs an Ahmed ClearPath 250 implantation

  • Dr. Bac Nguyen performs excisional goniotomy with KDB

    Inside-Out technique for excisional goniotomy with KDB in a patient with highly pigmented trabecular meshwork

  • Filament Trabeculotomy vs Excisional Goniotomy

    This study explores clinical outcomes post filament trabeculotomy vs excisional goniotomy

  • Repair of Conjunctival Erosion Over Tube (Glaucoma Drainage Device)

    A focal erosion of conjunctiva over the tube portion of a glaucoma drainage device was noted during routine patient follow-up

  • Compression sutures for over-filtering bleb

    Drs. Cara Capitena and Malik Kahook perform compression sutures to limit the surface area of an over-filtering bleb

  • Goniosynechialysis (GSL) prior to Excisional Goniotomy with the Kahook Dual Blade

    Drs. Monica Ertel and Leonard Seibold use the NGENUITY System from Alcon to visualize the angle and perform GSL with the heel of the KDB prior to performing an excisional goniotomy

  • Tube Extension Procedure by Drs. Cara Capitena Young and Leo Seibold

    Drs. Cara Capitena Young and Leo Seibold illustrate tube extension surgery after the original tube is transected and found to be too short to access the anterior chamber


  • Goniosynechialysis Lecture

    Dr. Kahook lectures on various techniques for performing goniosynechialysis with instructional videos and pearls for practice

  • Visual Field Testing Lecture

    Drs. Kahook, Seibold and SooHoo lecture on various methods of visual field testing and pearl for interpretation